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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Stuff to Share



I was so excited to find this video on YouTube this week.   I got this song as a free, promotional download ages ago and a video wasn’t available the last time I checked.  It looks like their album was finally released last month and now they have a video.    Yeah! Now I can share it with you.



If you have a song you would like to share, link up your blog post to Marcea’s blog.  She is our Hostess with the Mostess each week for Music Saves My Soul.





I read Jenny Lawson’s book, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened: (A Mostly True Memoir).    Jenny may be better know as The Bloggess.  I started following her blog with this post.   I have to admit I laughed until I cried (in a good way).    So when her book finally came out, I couldn’t wait to get my paws on it.  I literally read it in day.    If you like Jenny’s blog, you will love the book.  (The reverse is also true, if you find her offensive, stay way from her book!) 




I made this, Pioneer Woman’s Chicken Florentine Pasta.    As Ree said, “It absolutely completed me.”   It was wonderful with some of my favorite things – pasta, chicken, pasta, cheese, pasta….    You can go to the recipe by clicking on the picture.




My hubby shared this video with me this week.   More true confessions, I needed a Kleenex by the end.  Drat those hormones!  Any how, I thought I would share it with you.   (Funny thing is my husband does most of work when it comes to my daughter’s fencing and it still made me weepy. )

This is what P&G says about the video -

Being a mom is the hardest job in the world. But it's also the best.

This Procter & Gamble commercial honors everything that all moms do to help their children succeed by showcasing the amazing moms behind Olympic athletes at the London 2012 Olympic Games. The hardest job in the world is truly the best job in the world.





I have one more thing to share with you today.   (Also not crafting related – sorry!)   I found this cool video on Pinterest this week.    The slow motion video really shows the beauty and athleticism of fencing.   (The producer of the video says “Behind the bullet, the tip of a fencing blade is the second fastest-moving object in Olympic sports.”  Wow!)  My daughter fences with a foil and these are epee but it’s close enough.   If you really want to know the difference, you can find an infographic here.





Thanks for sticking with me through all this.   I hope you have a fabulous week end!


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Sue from Oregon said...

Great video's today...loved the song!

Violets Corner said...

Fab videos Cheryl!


Shelly Schmidt said...

Great song- I enjoyed the song alot! I lvoe Pintrest too- I will have to stop there later.....that dinner looks fabulous too! How cool your daughter is really into fencing- I love watching some of the Hollywood fencing matches. : )

Audrey Pettit said...

Super fun post, Cheryl! Thanks for sharing all this awesome stuff. I WANT that pasta!

Maria@Crafty Cre8tions said...

Great videos Cheryl!

I got a little teary eyed on the Olympic commercial. Both my parents did a lot of driving to soccer, softball, hockey, volleyball, basketball games for me and my siblings over the years!! And my mom made a lotta team meals too!

The fencing video was great - so neat!!!

Karin said...

I made that pasta dish myself about a week ago :) I used roasted red pepers instead of the tomatoes, just because I didn't have enough. It was good!

Anita Scroggins said...

I love the Bloggess - she cracks me up! I have a huge Roster like hers that I bought years ago at a craft fair. My friends named him Ralph - he lives a very happy life on my back porch!

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