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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Music Saves My Soul

This week I have another Irish influenced band that I wanted to share for St. Patrick's day. This is one of my favorite bands to see each year at Milwaukee's Irish Fest.

I apologize for the sound quality. I had a hard time finding a video to post.

I just stumbled across this and had to add it.

If you would like to play along, link up your song at Marcea's blog.


Lisa aka Myran said...

Lovely new tunes Cheryl :)

Marcea said...

fab irish influenced music again hunny - love your choices .... always do :o)

Wendy Colledge said...

Brilliant songs Cheryl!
Hugs from Ireland

lis-m said...

Can't beat the irish for music.. but i guess I had to say that , with my surname!
went and saw Altan.. Dont know if you've heard of them?
I little fella got up in the audience , boy could he dance !!
great tunes.
hugs xx

Karin said...

Love the Irish pick this week...Love the fiddle in the second song...Is the first group local to the area? They are fantastic :)

silverchimes said...

You sent me that Seven Nations mp3 back in 2008. Such a great song!

Emily Leiphart said...

I LOVE Ashley MacIsaac!! Thanks for sharing!

Renata van Miltenburg said...

We are not familiar with St. Patricksday but I love Ireland and her music!! TFS

I'm very curious what you think of my choice this week (a little late). They started out liked by all the young girls but their mothers picked them up as well...I bet that's not because of their high standerd songs :D This song sounds very happy and was their biggest hit for so far.

XOXO Renata

Sande said...


I think I just added Seven Nations to my favorite band list. I'm new to "Music Saves My Soul Saturday" and ironically just discovered by accident that I my paternal great mother and her parents were born in Ireland. Imagine that surprise at age 62. Needless to say there will be much celebrating on St. Patty's Day. Thanks for posting...they are super.

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