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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Music Saves My Soul Saturday #7

I hope you all don't run away screaming when you play this song. I have this post scheduled and about the time it posts I will be heading to the airport to fly home from Disney World. Since my daughter LOVES this song and I am sure we will have road this ride several times over the past week, I thought I would share it with you. My song this week for Marcea's Music Saves My Soul Saturday is a techno version of "It's A Small World".

** -Updated video- I don't know how the other video got on here.... Here is the correct video**


Karin said...

Fun pick :) Hope you all had a great time!

Ren-Yi said...

yes - screaming. just slightly inside. not because i don't like the song, but because once played it's stuck stuck stuck in my head. and i start humming it unconsciously and driving everyone else around me mad...

but hoping you are having a splendid time in disney. at least it's the techno version. very catchy.

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