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Friday, August 13, 2010


I have been blessed with 2 awards this week. I have posted both of them below along with the "rules".

1. Thank the person that gave you this award.

Thank you Kathy! Kathy is a new blogging friend and I really enjoy visiting her blog, Lucky Stamper. (And her dog, Lucky, is absolutely adorable.) Please stop by and give her a shout.

2. Copy the award and put it on your blog. (Done)

3. List 3 things that you love about yourself.

Oh boy, this is a hard one. 1) I love my creativity and that I found an outlet in paper crafting. That is saying a lot for a right brained, type A, super analytical personality. 2) I love my organizational skills, although they sometimes drive my husband crazy. 3) I love my strength, emotional and physical. I can persevere and get things done. I am also physically strong from all my years at Jazzercise.

4. Post a picture you love.

I know this is a crazy picture but I love it. It brings back some really great memories of our visit to Disney World and the fun we had. (We are wearing the 3d glasses from the "It's a Bugs" life show.)

5. Tag 5 people you would like to pass this award on to. - I will get to this at the very end of my post.

1. Post the Award (done)

2. Link back to the blog it was received from. I received this award from Kimberly. I love her blog and am honored to be on the Sentimental Sundays DT with her. Please check out her blog, Faerie Tales with Paper, to see her beautiful work and leave her a shout.

3. Become a follower of the blog if you aren't already following. (Done)

4. Chose 15 of favorite blogs of your own. (Again, see the end of the post).

This is the part when I break the rules. I hate leaving out all the talented bloggers that give me so much inspiration every day. I would like to invite anyone who would like either or both of these awards to take them and fulfill the requirements. Please leave me a comment because I would love to come visit your blog.

Thank you Kathy & Kimberly!


Joanne Gilch said...

Fabulous awards. That pic of you and your acorn is precious! Great pics of big happy smiles!!!!

Karin said...

I remember when this was a profile picture...So cute!

Micki said...

I love this picture!!!!!

Kathy Braun and Lucky said...

Love the picture, have a great weekend.

1CardCreator said...

Great picture of you and your daughter! ~Diane

Marlene said...

Congrats on the awards! (I do the same thing - break the rules and offer them up to anyone who wants them!)

Fantastic pic of you and your little girl! You girls look like you know how to have fun. ;)

Dawn said...

Congrats Cheryl....I love the picture, how fun!!!

alexandra s.m. said...

Congrats Cheryl! So well deserved!

Crafty Creations said...

Great picture too!! Looks like you were having A LOT of fun :)

Kimberly S said...

2 go girl! *grin* It's a pleasure designing with you Cheryl, and your work is absolutely gorgeous. (I sure don't blame you for not passing the awards on, it's tough not to be able to choose the whole list you follow) :)

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