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Our bird feeders - aka birdie buffet

Where, oh where have all my birds gone??? Usually my bird feeders look like this -

Okay, it's not the best picture but you get the idea. Lately, the bird feeders have been pretty void of activity. Then I notice these characters lurking around.....

Yep, both are sitting in the trees above my feeders. (not at the same time.)

So now what do I do? Do I maintain the birdie buffet with the thought that everything has to eat? Or, do I stop feeding the little birds and hope they find another source of food in the middle of winter?


Elizabeth said…
Oooh - tricky Cheryl - but I think I would remove the food until the predators have relocated! Lets hope they move home soon!
Joanne Gilch said…
As long as the owls are there there will be no birds. We use fake owls in our fruit trees to keep the birds from eating our apples, peaches, etc. Oh, wait! Are those owls?

do you have squirrels that come and pick out the big seeds from the feeders? Just thought I'd change the subject a little!!LOL
Karin said…
I had to get rid of my feeders. They were too low, and every day the deer came and emptied them. No kidding, everyday, empty!
Marlene said…
What are they? Hawks?

They're beautiful creatures, just the same...but I wonder, would the little birds actually come near if those things are there? You'd think they'd know?? Ahhh...the circle of life...the food chain....not always fun.
shoot the hawks! only kidding. i'd be upset too. but super pictures!
Sorry - I dont have advice for you, but great pictures though!!!
Pretty-In-Ink said…
Oooooh! That's a toughie! and I really have to say I have no idea! sorry!
my5bratz said…
i love the pic of the feeders in the snow...we have had Indian Mynah's here and they are AWFUL birds, scared off other birds that eat parasites and killed a tree and worse still..our cat..I kid you not!! they would swoop on her constantly, stole her food and then she retaliated and killed one, and then died, she was sick just before she passed and it was all feathers and quills :(
Rhonda said…
Oh what a decision you have..I wouldn't know what to do. I love birds and those are some awesome pictures.
Shelly Schmidt said…
We have big hawks in our back yards too- found squirrel fir back by the fence yesterday.....eeeewwwwww Looks like they are hungry this year We are going to keep feeding the birds and hope they will be OK! PS- Awesome pictures
Jess said…
That's quite the dilemma! I would remove the bird feeders until the big birds find another place to hunt, then put the feeders back up and hope more big birds don't come back for a while!
I had the same problem, Cheryl and I stopped filling the feeders. I understand Mother Nature, but I felt like I was giving the hawks an unfair advantage by providing a baited field for them. The little birds will find food elsewhere.
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your work!
This is a toughie. I would stop the feeding for a while. Hawks are beautiful but great predators. When our birds stop chirping we know that there is a hawk in the backyard. I have even seen a Bald Eagle back there.
Good luck!
Congratulations Cheryl, you have just won my blog candy. Could you please email me with your details so I can arrange for your goodies to be sent to you.

Jo xx
LuLu said…
Stunning photo's and great close ups of those very impressive birds. Not sure what I'd do . . . it's a hard one as you say. Phew, got out of that tricky question .. . I think !

Gina said…
Great pictures, but i don't have a suggestion for you. I would probably remove the food for a few days and see if they go away too then try again.
Jóna said…
Hi Cheryl !
I'm a member of Any Stamp will do and I am looking at the blogs :o)
Love yours.
Best wishes Jóna :o)
Jóna said…
I forgot, my blog is
if you want to look :o)
Tracey said…
Those birds are very lucky Cheryl, perhaps they're just trying to keep out of the cold somewhere lol.

Anonymous said…
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